Affiliate Disclosures

Last Updated: December 1, 2022

This disclosure (the "Affiliate Disclosure") applies to SocialFair, Inc. d/b/a "Socialfair" and its current and future parent, subsidiary and affiliated entities controlled by or under common control with SocialFair, Inc. d/b/a "Socialfair" throughout the world (individually and collectively referred to herein as "SocialFair, Inc.", "Socialfair ", "Company" as well as "we" or "us" or "our"), including our website located at and any one of our current and/or future other websites, mobile and online versions of our websites, mobile applications, social media marketplaces owned and/or controlled by any one of us and/or other services from which you are accessing this Affiliate Disclosure (each referred to herein as a "Site" and collectively, the "Sites"), and is provided for the purpose of disclosing Socialfair's relationship with the various brands, retailers, affiliate networks, content providers and other creators with a marketplace, advertisers, sponsors and other third parties that may appear on, or be linked to, the Sites (individually and collectively, referred to herein as "Affiliates"), including the financial relationships that as required under the Federal Trade Commission's Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsement and Testimonials in Advertising, 16 C.F.R. Part 255.

We reserve the right to amend this Affiliate Disclosures policy at any time and without prior notice. If we do this, we will post the amended Affiliate Disclosures and indicate at the top of the Affiliate Disclosure the date it was last revised. Your continued use of this Site after any such changes are made means your acceptance of the new Affiliate Disclosures policy. If you do not agree to any changes or additions to these Affiliate Disclosures, do not continue to use or access this Site.

As part of the Socialfair Sites, we provide you with curated recommendations for products that we, our marketplace creators ("Creators"), and our brand marketplace participants ("Brands") love and think you will love too. We are making this Affiliate Disclosure available to you for the purpose of disclosing the relationships with various Creators, Brands, affiliates, advertisers, sponsors, and other parties that appear on the Sites, whether financial or otherwise.

As a curated marketplace, Socialfair sells or facilitates the sale of third party products and services ("Affiliate Products") and receives monetary and other forms of compensation from such activities. In other words, there is a paid connection between an Affiliate Product mentioned, reviewed or recommended on this Site and the applicable Affiliate involved in such transaction (e.g., the owner of that third party product or service, the intermediary representing such third party product or service including affiliate networks, the Creators promoting the Affiliate Product, etc.). If you ultimately decide to purchase an Affiliate Product mentioned on the Site, Socialfair may receive compensation resulting from that purchase. If a Creator promotes an Affiliate Product through such Creator's marketplace that results in a purchase of such Affiliate Product, Socialfair may also share the compensation Socialfair receives from such purchases with the Creator whose content helped generate such sale of the Affiliate Product.

These paid relationships among Socialfair, Creators and Brands/Affiliates exist whether the Affiliate Products sales are processed directly by Socialfair or by a third party owned and operated website or platform to which Socialfair directs you to purchase Affiliate Products. For example, any time that you click on a link to an Affiliate Product on the Site and then follow the link to purchase an Affiliate Product on a third party affiliate's website, Socialfair may still receive compensation from such third party affiliate from the sale of such Affiliate Product. Therefore, you should always assume that there is a paid relationship between the content featuring an Affiliate Product(s) on our Site and the compensation received from sales of such Affiliate Products through the Socialfair Site or through a third party site to which the Socialfair Site directs you to make such purchase.

Additionally, you may see third party ads posted on the Site. Each time you click on an ad, we may receive compensation from the third party advertiser, even if you do not purchase something from the third party.

The compensation payable to Socialfair, and the compensation Socialfair shares with Creators, as described herein may influence content, topics or posts made on the Site by us and/or Creators, Brands and other users, as well as where such content is posted. However, while we may receive compensation in connection with our feature of certain products or services and/or your purchase of Affiliate Products as outlined in these Affiliate Disclosures, we still endeavor to provide our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences as they relate to the Affiliate Products that are featured on the Site. Additionally, as part of the terms to participate through a marketplace on our Site, we ask that all Affiliates, including Creators and Brands, also only provide their honest opinions, findings and beliefs in selecting and promoting Affiliate Products through their marketplaces and otherwise comply with applicable laws in the promotion of the same on the Site.

Our affiliates include or have included the following (please note this is just for informational purposes as representative examples, and not a complete list, of affiliate networks with which Socialfair works or may work, and this list may change at any time without notice):